Casual Italian Restaurant on 4th at Alma in Kitsilano

Frequently Asked Questions - L'ufficio

Visitors often have these questions about our wine bar L'ufficio: (for questions about La Quercia, click here)

Is it just wine and cheese?
A daily array of main courses, fresh made pasta and risotto and a plethora of small plates make up the bulk of the offerings at L'Ufficio, backed by an impressive selection of salumi and cheese.

Are there tables?
If the 5 x 25 foot for bar is too cramped for you, there is banquet seating with seven tables for a more intimate experience.

Can I have pasta?
We offer a broad variety of pastas daily, including a vegetarian and often a dairy free option.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?
Vegetarians can select from a number of antipasti and pasta offerings with the selection depending upon the season's offerings and the day's preparations. As we are a meat-oriented kitchen the emphasis is put upon a traditional preparation of proteins that aren't prepared with such dietary restrictions Anyone expecting a selection of vegan offerings will be seriously limited in their options.

Can I make reservations for larger parties?
It is possible, call Karin for further details.