Casual Italian Restaurant on 4th at Alma in Kitsilano

Frequently Asked Questions - L'ufficio

Visitors often have these questions about our wine bar L'ufficio: (for questions about La Quercia, click here)

Is it just wine and cheese?
A daily array of main courses, a weekly multi-coursed chef's menu and a plethora of small plates make up the bulk of the offerings at L'Ufficio, backed by an impressive selection of house cured and Italian sourced salumi and cheeses.

Are there tables?
If the 5 x 25 foot for bar is too cramped for you, there is banquet seating with seven tables for a more intimate experience.

Can I have pasta?
We offer two or three pastas nightly.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?
Yes we do!

Can I make reservations for larger parties?
It is possible, call Karin for further details.