Casual Italian Restaurant on 4th at Alma in Kitsilano

Frequently Asked Questions - La Quercia

Visitors often have these questions about our restaurant La Quercia: (for questions about L'ufficio, click here)

Can I order a la carte?
Absolutely, our a la carte menu is composed daily and serves as the framework from which the 'small' and 'large' menus are built.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?
Vegetarians can select from a number of antipasti and pasta offerings with the selection depending upon the season's offerings and the day's preparations. Vegan's are best to make mention at the time of booking to ensure an option is available. As we are a meat-oriented kitchen the emphasis is put upon a traditional preparation of proteins that aren't prepared with such dietary restrictions. Anyone expecting a selection of vegan offerings will be seriously limited in their options.

Can I do a vegetarian chef's menu?
Anything is possible given sufficient word, however it is unlikely that we can offer the value and variety, not to mention the authenticity intended in the chef's selections.

Gluten free pasta?
Better yet, we offer a made-to-order risotto nightly, often with a number of options, that is both gluten free and prepared from the finest canaroli rice available.

And while we are aware of the multitude of options available, until we find a product that lives up to our expectations we will not offer a gluten free pasta option.

Provided the bottle is not on our list within a comparable vintage, we offer guests a $50 per bottle corkage fee.

Does the whole table have to take part in the chef's menu?
Yes, alla famigila is intended to include the whole table in a shared experience, comprised of a multitude of plates that reflect the spectrum of offerings featured in house.

Is the Chefs menu 'too much food?'
With the intention to balance variety with value, we cook for the number of people at the table with a mind to provide for individual wants and desires.

What's the difference between the small and the large menu?
About an hour. Which is why we can only offer the large menu in our second seating of the evening.

Variety is the major difference, with a reasonable increase in volume.